Final declaration of the Labor and Freedom Alliance’s election agenda meeting

On 16 March 2023, we, the Co-Chairs, Presidents, and Spokespersons of the Labourist Movement Party (EHP), Labour Party (EMEP), Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), Federation of Socialist Assemblies (SMF), Workers’ Party of Turkey (TİP), and Social Freedom Party (TÖP) – the components of the Labour and Freedom Alliance – gathered in Ankara to discuss important agenda items, including the recent earthquake and flood disasters, the deepening crises, and our stance in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

On this day, we remember the Halabja and Beyazit Massacres and reiterate our commitment to creating a society where such tragedies never occur again, where the culture of confrontation is replaced by dialogue, and where justice is established in all areas of life.

The government’s anti-people, rent-seeking, and plunder-based policies threaten the present and future of our society, exacerbating the crises we face. The recent earthquakes in Maraş Pazarcık on 6 February and floods in Urfa and Adıyaman on 15 March are tragic consequences of these policies. We categorically reject any attempts to dismiss these disasters as “natural” or “inevitable” and pledge to hold those responsible to account, to build a new life that respects human dignity, and to replace the current government and its disastrous policies with a more just and sustainable alternative. As the Alliance of Labour and Freedom, we stand united in our commitment to achieving these goals.

We stand on the brink of an election that will shape the future of Turkey. As leaders of our respective parties and as members of the broader Alliance of Labour and Freedom, with the awareness of our historical and political responsibility to channel the hopes and aspirations of our society and to work towards a future that is truly democratic and free:

– We have decided to expand our alliance of struggle into an electoral alliance, which we will call the Alliance of Labour and Freedom. Our aim is to protect and develop the gains made by all components of the alliance, especially the HDP. Technical work will be carried out to ensure this.

– One of the items on our agenda was the presidential election. We had previously decided to re-evaluate the process of determining the presidential candidate following the earthquake. We held a broad discussion and will announce our common position at a press conference as soon as possible.

– Despite the increasing political bans, lawsuits, violence, and oppression, we will continue our joint efforts with all segments of society to ensure the election process and ballot security.

– We will draw strength from the women who painted the streets purple on 8 March and fill the Newroz and 1 May squares with their energy. Together with all democratic forces, we will win on 15 May and put an end to the one-man regime. We will achieve this through solidarity, struggle, and hope.