TÖP: They Attack Because They are Losing

On September 25 2020, our day began in an all too familiar way yet again with the news of two separate police operations against the opposition in our country. In an Ankara-centered operation some of our friends in struggle, old and new leaders of the HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party), among them our friend Ayhan Bilgen, the co-mayor of Kars, were taken into custody.
In an Istanbul-centered operation, Perihan Koca, member of our spokespersons’ council and our party spokesperson for this period, our friend and lawyer Tamer Doğan and many more friends in struggle were taken into custody.

All our comrades and friends in struggle should be released immediately!

The regime forces who are dragging our country into chaos have directed more repression and police terror towards the social opposition as they themselves remained helpless in face of the catastrophic pandemic and the economic crisis. The regime which continually loses social support is attempting to intimidate the people and the political opposition with these chaotic circumstances. But they are wrong! As our comrade Perihan said when she was taken into custody: The people will win!

Toplumsal Özgürlük Partisi
(Social Freedom Party)

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